Here you find some links that be worthed to visit

This is the site completely in
sign of the towing and salvage company Noordgat
Here you can find all pictures of salvage operations back.

This is the live scanner page of Johan Kooyman
and you will find also scanner codes.

This is a weblog about Fishingvessels.
This is the shipping start page of Internet
here you find nice links.

Maritieme Fotografie
This is a website about
nautical and maritime photography.

This is the website of the wrakkenmuseum where
you find a lot of information.
Nice website and information about Terschelling.
This site you can find information and pictures of the
KNRM and Ferryboats nice website to visit.
This website shows what island people doing during the
wintertime on Terschelling visit and you will see what they doing.

Sake van Rees
This site gives information about the games like Delta Force.

Marlyse haar web-log
This web-log site of Marlyse tells you about her roots (Terschelling)
You will find here also pictures.

Germen de Groot
Website of Germen de Groot about Rederij Doeksen.